Welcome to Grey Raven Gallery – An Art Gallery and Exhibition Space

Grey Raven Gallery is an art gallery, events and exhibition space and video production studio in Beaverton, Oregon. Created with the purpose of funding arts education for young children, the gallery showcases the best of Oregon’s thriving arts community. Art lovers can browse and support the work of artists working across many styles and genres. And as a division of Golden Road Arts, all support for the gallery will contribute to the continuing development of engaging art content for children.

Beaverton, Oregon art gallery

The Founding of Grey Raven Gallery

Grey Raven Gallery was founded by Barbara Mason and Martin Conley. An artist, printmaker and educator, Barbara is widely known in the Hillsboro community for founding Golden Road Arts – a non-profit hub for instructional and art literacy content aimed at elementary and middle school children. Martin, a multidisciplinary artist with experience in painting, photography and other art forms, is perhaps best known for his imaginative wood sculptures.

The idea for an art gallery came from dealing with space restrictions in Barbara’s prior video studio. Continuing to deliver a free (and much-needed) online art curriculum for kids would require an upgraded video location. Fortunately, a new space in downtown Beaverton offered the chance to expand the video studio while also providing a separate art gallery for Oregon artists. After much hard work, Grey Raven Gallery was established.

The Mission of Our Art Gallery

Over many years, Barbara Mason and Martin Conley have shared a vision for arts education, understanding that art plays a crucial role in a child’s overall development and brings countless physical, emotional and social benefits to kids of all ages.

As a free educational platform for teachers, parents and their children, Golden Road Arts is the home of accessible, step-by-step free video art lessons. To fund ongoing free content, all profits from Grey Raven Gallery go directly to the non-profit. Not only will kids get access to high-level art education, they can also enjoy in-person live events in the Oregon community.

What to Expect at Grey Raven Gallery

Visitors to the gallery can expect a busy schedule of exhibitions featuring some much-admired and established Northwest artists. Ongoing art events provide a chance for people to experience art history, instructional lessons and much more. In addition, we host free art events for young people at the gallery, helping to engage aspiring artists and cultivate a love for creativity of all types.

Visit the Art Gallery or Shop Online

Grey Raven Gallery hosts the most unique and engaging artists under one roof at our Beaverton space. Join us at one of our exhibitions or events to see the best homegrown Oregon art and aid in the development of art lessons for children. To learn more, call (503) 596-2187 or buy art from our art gallery.


Grey Raven Gallery connects young people,
families and art lovers alike with the uplifting
power of art. Visit our Beaverton gallery and
experience interactive events and exhibitions,
or shop online for great Oregon art.