How to Photograph Your Work with Tualatin Valley Creates

By working with our available materials and often just a cell phone camera, we can create stellar photos that will position our art and enhance the elements we most want collectors to see. Capturing images with just your camera phone allows you to create amazing promotional images of your artwork, jewelry, ceramics, or other creations. The most dramatic changes in small business promotion have come since the cell phone became a sophisticated camera. But it still takes some knowledge to get good photos. While you have all of this horsepower in your hands and at your fingertips, it still comes down to three basic things: Lighting, Exposure, and Composition. We’ll set up three different demos to cover most of the basics of lighting and image capture basics you will need.

Today the camera on your phone takes images well beyond anything we could have dreamed of just a little over two decades ago. So now that you have all of this horsepower in your hands and at your fingertips, how do you use it? It still comes down to three basic things: 1) Lighting 2) Exposure 3) Composition Focus should be on this list, except that the cameras today, with their incredible sensors and Artificial Intelligence enhancements, do a lot for us. So, the real magic is in controlling what we should control, and letting the cameras do the rest.

Join us March 7th for an exclusive workshop on ‘How to Photograph Your Work’ hosted by Tualatin Valley Creates (TVC). 🎨 Connect with fellow creators and learn valuable insights from David Leonnig, Photographer, and Digital Storyteller from Grey Raven Gallery. Let’s capture the essence of your creations together!

David Leonnig received his MFA in Arts and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas – but not for photography. His experience does include more than 40 years of producing print advertising, brochures, website images and both analog and digital video. He was the Digital Content Manager on the startup team for, and his understanding of imagery includes the first high resolution images captured to digital for two 600 page catalogs for a RadioShack startup called TechAmerica. His digital imaging experience also includes working on the initial marketing team for the Academy-Award-winning Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology at Texas Instruments.

$20.00 Registration Fee
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