Michael and Gayle Pedemonte – Oil + Wood

Gayle and Michael visit us in July from Gaston, where they both have studios adjacent to their home. Gayle is a painter who works primarily in oils, and Michael is a woodworker with an eye for unique wood grains and natural shapes. Both retired from other careers and followed their muse back to artwork that each enjoys.

Mike enjoys the wonders of wood and finds that he is often drawn to create specific items based on the wood grain and shapes he encounters. Like his friend Martin Conley, he lets the wood speak to him when he creates his stunning woodwork.

Persimmon Wooden Vase
Persimmon Wooden Vase With Acrylic Fill
Hollow sphere wooden bowl
Hollow sphere spalted hawthorn bowl

Much of Gayle’s inspiration comes from her years in rural health care, where her travels took her from one end of Washington County to the other.

Come in With The Rain
Come in With The Rain, Oil painting on panel


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