Adventures in Color

Noriko Sugita was born in Hakodate, Japan, into a family which counted among them architects, a choreographer, and a kadō master. She earned BFA from Southern Oregon University in 2004. As a painter and reduction woodcut printmaker, Sugita has been actively showing her work for the past 20 years. Her work has been exhibited in the US and internationally, and is part of numerous private and corporate collections. Noriko says “I like to express air movement, atmosphere, and imaginary sound in my work. Those are sometimes seen in the lines and small dots on the picture plane.” She also says that “the reduction printing method allows for the layering of color, and texture can also be added through the use of rollers and stencils, making it possible to combine painterly and graphic imagery. I feel excitement and freedom to be able to show my own balanced world, with color themes influenced by Japanese kimono textile designs.”

Sky Woodblock Print
Whimsical webs in this woodblock print intermingle with trails of stars, pathways, mystical shapes and colors. By Noriko Sugita.

Natalie Warrens was exposed to the arts at a very young age and began to pursue a career in art during high school. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Portland State University in 1984, and immediately continued her studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, earning a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics in 1986.

Natalie began selling her work in the Chicago area while also teaching ceramics part-time at both the university level and in Chicago’s public schools as a visiting artist. Much of her inspiration came from these teaching experiences, especially while working with children. Their spontaneity and daring use of color continues to influence Natalie’s work. She is inspired by the natural world as well as pop culture and enjoys incorporating images of animals in her work to express her deep connection with their energy.

Natalie maintains a full-time ceramic studio in Portland, Oregon.

Large Yellow Green serving plate With Hummingbirds
Large Yellow Green Ceramic plate with Hummingbirds by Natalie Warrens


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