The Founders Exhibit – Barbara Mason & Martin Conley

The Grand Opening exhibition at Grey Raven Gallery features printmaker Barbara Mason and Martin Conley, a wood sculptor and painter. These friends co-founded Grey Raven Gallery. Both Barbara and Martin believe that anyone can be an artist, of any age.

Founders Barbara and Martin have donated their time to promote art across the Washington County area. They have been shown in many galleries and public exhibitions, and this exhibit is a true labor of love, marking their first time in their own gallery space – accompanied by many artist friends. The exhibit shows off the best aspects of each artist’s work, with Conley taking the lead with more than a dozen of his works displayed.

Barbara Mason - Founders Exhibit

Barbara Mason has invested her life into being an artist, including 40 years of printmaking, 30 years of hands-on gallery experience and 50 years of volunteering by teaching art to children. Printmaking is Barbara’s passion, and she is very willing to share this skill with anyone who wants to learn the magic of how prints are made.

Martin Conley - Founders Exhibit

Martin Conley is an Air Force veteran and retired building contractor. At heart he’s still a farm kid who loves wood so much he has it piled up all over his yard at home, and at the Golden Road Arts studio space in Hillsboro. His sculptures, he says, “tell him what they want to be” as soon as he starts handling a piece of wood. He explains he can “see where it wants to go,” and brings out the true identity of each object as an artistic expression.

Together Barbara and Martin plan for Grey Raven Gallery to be the premier fine art gallery in Beaverton. Currently they are the only fine art gallery in Beaverton, so it’s easily accomplished to date! With 28 artist friends, the art gallery is a magical place where art will be appreciated and purchased, and where free art lessons for children and adults will be held.

We invite you to join us for this Grand Opening exhibition. It won’t be here long, so come see us today!


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