Putting the Pieces Back Together Again – Amy Stoner

From carving a relief into a block of wood and pulling a print on the press to applying layers of molten beeswax, Amy Stoner finds joy in bringing disparate elements together to create unique, colorful compositions to brighten people’s days and environments. Amy’s work is very process-oriented – that first mark of the brush or pen opens a floodgate of other ideas that pour out onto the canvas. She lets her “inner psyche speak” to her, creating varied pieces of color, texture and line. Always colorful, always graphic, it represents the “best language” she has with which to speak to the world.

Amy Stoner - 2D and 3D Art
Dreaming of Matisse – Mixed Media Encaustic Collage in Greens, Red, Orange and Black

Amy draws inspiration from just outside her home studio, walking amongst the flowers and garden art, immersed in the whimsy found just a few steps away. In this exhibit Amy has once again let her spirit run free. We trust you’ll enjoy what she has in store for you.

At The Coast I Find Solace – Mixed Media Encaustic Collage in Blues, Orange and Black

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