Nonprofit Beaverton Art Gallery Celebrates Summer

Beaverton, OR summer art celebration of color.
Image Credit – Festive Light, a Colorful Offshore View – Watercolor by Erik Sandgren

Grey Raven Gallery is currently hosting the Summer Celebration of Color in Beaverton, OR. This event is the latest installment in a monthly series of art exhibitions, offering attendees a diverse collection of artworks that captures the essence of the summer season. The display features a range of styles and techniques, all inspired by the vibrant sights and sounds of summer. Join us at Grey Raven Gallery and see the mood of the season come to life.

What Is the Summer Celebration of Color?

The Summer Celebration of Color is a group show that includes many talented Oregon artists alongside our incredible gallery employees. If you have visited Grey Raven Gallery before, you’ll likely be familiar with many of the artists from past events, workshops and exhibitions.

For our June theme we’ve collected many new works from local artists that demonstrate the warm, bold palette we enjoy at this time of year. Expect to see an array of sun-soaked compositions and vibrant colors across a range of media.

What to Expect at Our Summer Art Exhibition

This exhibition is notable for the broad range of artists on display. The works we have curated are characterized by different styles, concepts and techniques, yet they all share an innovative and eye-catching use of color. Among the featured artists are Erik Sandgren, Yong Hong Zhong and Margaret Prentice.

Erik Sandgren is an Oregon artist with an incredible eye for interpreting the varied scenes of the Pacific Northwest. His “Festive Light” watercolor masterfully captures the angle of a lighthouse and lookout tower as seen from the perspective of a boat riding the waves.

Yong Hong Zhong is a former film animator who transitioned into fine art painting. He has a passion for watercolor paintings of the natural world, using vivid light throughout his magnificent still life and landscape works.

Margaret Prentice is an Oregon-based painter who grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her focus is predominantly on oil painting, depicting observations of nature using light and shadow, textures and warm colors.

Experience the Summer Season at Our Beaverton Art Gallery

These painters are among the various emerging and established artists featured in this exhibition, each contributing a unique perspective to our celebration of color. From bold, vibrant hues to subtle, muted tones, the artworks on display perfectly demonstrate the wonder that color can evoke.

If you cannot make it to the gallery, you may always browse and purchase art online from our shop. As Beaverton’s only nonprofit art gallery, every purchase you make contributes to funding our in-person and video art lessons for children. Over the years we have helped many local children develop a love for art, and your support ensures our mission can continue.

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