July Featured Artist Exhibition Embraced by the Light

In the spirit of summer and the Oregon outdoors, Grey Raven Gallery in Beaverton announces a July show for an artist who works in diverse media, yet takes inspiration from nature and the beauty of Oregon’s flora and fauna.

July 2024 Artist Exhibition – Embraced by the Light Featuring Tamara Davidson’s Paintings

Beginning July 2nd, Oregon artist Tamara Davidson debuts new artwork at Grey Raven Gallery, mostly in larger formats than her previous works featured by the gallery. Her delicate acrylic work on small canvases has impressed gallery visitors for months, and her new work will create an even greater impact on viewers of her exquisite paintings.

This month-long exhibition of Davidson’s larger works of flowers, birds, vines and other flora showcases her elegant work in sizes suitable for establishing a commanding presence on larger walls, on an entry-way table, or other location.

Embraced by the Light Exhibition
Flowers, Landscapes and Birds by Oregon Artist Tamara Davidson

Gallery owner Barbara Mason says that Tamara’s work “evokes the spirit and beauty of our Oregon landscape with the eye of a painter and the precision of a commercial illustrator. Her pieces are exquisitely crafted and lavishly painted.”

Painting of Pink Lillies
Fully blooming pink Stargazer Lillies.

From crayons and coloring books to paint and canvas, Tamara Davidson has always felt the need to create. Whenever she’s painting or doing anything creative, Tamara says, “I am in my happy place. I enjoy painting with acrylics because of their versatility and textural qualities.”

Tamara is inspired by nature and all the beauty that God has created. She especially enjoys painting flowers, animals and seascapes. Inspiration is everywhere! Her work is owned by collectors throughout the United States and Canada. “It is my hope that my paintings will evoke a sense of peace and transport the viewer to their happy place.”

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The gallery is housed in the retail space beneath the parking garage adjacent to the Reser Center. We are just around the corner from the Beaverton Round, retail establishments, and dining and drinking locations (including local food carts). The door of the gallery opens onto Rose Biggi Avenue.

Shop Tamara Davidson’s Art Online With Grey Raven Gallery

If you can’t make it into the gallery to view the exhibition, feel free to shop Tamara Davidson’s art online, or contact us at (503) 596-2187 with any questions. We can ship her beautiful works to your home or office.


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