From Spring to Summer – JoAnn Wellner and Yong Hong Zhong

June’s featured 2-D artist, Yong Hong Zhong, honed his professional skills in high-profile animation studios. After 14 years he moved his creativity in a different direction to focus on his passion for traditional painting. Yong takes inspiration from many different forms of art, but especially the early California impressionists. His subject matter varies from landscape to portrait to still life.

Our 3-D artist in June is JoAnn Wellner. Wanting to learn more and to understand the many technical aspects of glass, JoAnn has traveled both nationally and internationally studying with numerous renowned artists to enhance her glass knowledge, skills, and life experiences.

We hope you’ll visit the gallery in June to experience their work firsthand.

Summer Reflection is a watercolor painting of meandering stream through a bucolic wilderness setting
Our June Featured artists will be glass artist JoAnn Wellner and watercolor artist Yong Hong Zhong. In addition to being our featured 2-D artist of the month, Yong will also provide a watercolor demonstration on Saturday, June 10 at the Gallery.
Blue Poppies Landscape in Fused Glass on stand
Blue Poppies in Landscape Fused Glass with Stand by JoAnn Wellner.


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